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Maps available for the Bradford & Shipley Area
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Bradford 1906

Map Ref: YKS216.08
Price:2.50 each

central map for the city incl Exchange stn, Town Hall, workhouse, Hammerton St depot, St James Market, Ripleyville, Kirkgate, Little Horton Gn 

Bradford (Bolton Woods) 1906

Map Ref: YKS201.16
Price:2.50 each

Covers area from Frizinghall station eastward to Idle Road

Bradford (Clayton Heights) 1932

Map Ref: YKS216.10
Price:2.50 each

Detailed map of Bradford (Clayton Heights); Yorkshire sheet 216.10
Historical introduction by John A Hargreaves
covers Queensbury Station, Westwood Institution, Brayshaw Reservoir, Horton Bank Reservoir, Scarlet Heights and Methodist Church.

Bradford (Dudley Hill) 1905

Map Ref: YKS217.09
Price:2.50 each

Published 2013; intro by Ruth Strong. ISBN.978-1-84784-695-2

This detailed map covers the area from Bowling southward to Tong Street and eastward to Holme village.

Features include railway with Dudley Hill station, tramways, Victoria Incline, Goose Hill, Victoria Brick Works, Terry's Mills, Perseverance Mills, Victoria Dye Works, Albion Mill, Albion Dye Works, iron foundry, St John's church, industrial tramways, Tong Colliery, Prospect Mill, Montserrat Mills, Stanley Mills, Holme Shay etc. On the reverse we include street directory entries for Cutler Heights, Rooley Lane, Tong Street.

Bradford (Frizinghall) 1906

Map Ref: YKS201.15
Price:2.50 each

Covers area from Lister Park (north of Manningham) to St Margarets Church, Shipley Fields Rd; and westward to Bingley Rd 

Bradford (Girlington) 1906

Map Ref: YKS216.03
Price:2.50 each

Area of NW Bradford, incl part of Manningham, Girlington, Brown Royd, Daisy Hill, Fairweather Green, Lady Royd. Incl City Rd Goods stn, Manningham Mills, Whetley Mills, Alston Works

Bradford (North) 1906

Map Ref: YKS216.04
Price:2.50 each

From Midland stn northward to Clifton Villas, eastward to Peel Park and Bradford Cemetery

Bradford East 1906

Map Ref: YKS217.05
Price:2.50 each

Bowling Iron Works, Laisterdyke, Tyersall 

Bradford (Thornbury & Bradford Moor) 1906

Map Ref: YKS217.01
Price:2.50 each

published 2009; introduction by Alan Godfrey
This detailed map covers the Bradford Moor and Thornbury area east of Bradford, together with much of Undercliffe. Coverage stretches from Lonsdale Street eastward to Stone Stile Lane, and from Tower Street southward to Carrington Street

Features include Bradford Moor Barracks, tramways and Thornbury depot, Miryshay, Tewit Hall, Scarr Hall, Bradford Moor Park, Highfield House, Burlington Works, Thornbury Works, Grange Farm, fever hospital, stretch of GNR Shipley Branch, Gain Lane Farm, Gain Lane Quarry, Intake Road area, Quarry House, St Clement's church etc. On the reverse we include extracts from a 1912 street directory, incl Killinghall Road, Pollard Lane, Rushton Road, Thornbury Drive, Woodhall Road.


The map links up with sheets 216.04 Bradford North to the west, 217.02 Stanningley to the east, 217.05 Bradford East to the east.

Clayton & Thornton (East) 1933

Map Ref: YKS216.06
Price:2.50 each

Published 2012; intro by John Hargreaves. ISBN.978-1-84784-591-7

This detailed map covers the centre of Clayton and the eastern part of Thornton.

Features include Thornton Hall, St James church, School Green, Leventhorp Hall, tramway, Clayton Beck, Leventhorp Mills, St John's church Clayton, Town End, Oak Mills, Victoria Park etc. On the reverse we include a selection of street directory entries for 1936.

Idle & Greengates 1906

Map Ref: YKS202.09
Price:2.50 each

Villages NE of Bradford, incl Idle itself, Thorp, Fourlands, Greengates, Apperley Bridge; incl Idle stn, also tramway to Greengates. Street directory extracts. 

Queensbury 1932

Map Ref: YKS216.09
Price:2.50 each

Published 2012; intro by John Hargreaves. ISBN.978-1-84784-570-2

This detailed map covers the village of Queensbury and the area north and west.

Queensbury itself, with Black Dyke Mills, is in the SE corner of the map. Features here include tramway, Holy Trinity church, the mills, and individual buildings neatly shown. The railway is shown in tunnel. Other hamlets and settlements across the map include Mountain, Yews Green, Hill Top, Clayton Edge, West Scholes Gate, Raggalds, White Castle Brewery and the Bradshaw Lane area. On the reverse we include a 1936 directory of Queensbury and Mountain.

Shipley & Saltaire 1906

Map Ref: YKS201.11
Price:2.50 each

Covers much of Shipley, incl its complicated station, and the southern part of the planned village of Saltaire; also Nab Wood and Moor Head  

Stanningley 1906

Map Ref: YKS217.02
Price:2.50 each

published 2009; introduction by Ruth Strong
This detailed map covers most of Stanningley, between Leeds and Bradford, and a small portion of Pudsey. Coverage stretches from Lowtown Pudsey northward to Arthur Street Stanningley, and westward to Galloway Lane and Hill Foot. Features include Primrose Hill, GNR railway with Stanningley station, tramway along Bradford Road, Stanningley Iron Works, Stanningley Hall, West Royd, Providence Foundry, Upper Cape Mills, Leigh Mills, Delph Hill, Pudsey Cemetery, Prospect Mills, Owl Cotes Hill, Grove Boot Works, Wood Nook, Fieldhouse Farm etc. On the reverse we include directory entries for Richardshaw Lane and Town Street.

The map links up with Sheets 202.14 Farsley to the north, 217.01 Thornbury & Bradford Moor to the west, 217.03 Bramley to the east and 217.06 Pudsey to the south.

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