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Family Historian 6 Full Version

Family Historian 6 Full Version

Ref: CPFH6

Family Historian is one of the most advanced family tree programs available and it sets a standard that other programs strive to emulate. Despite its wealth of features the user is presented with a modern easy to understand interface that encourages not just the recording of every bit of information about your relatives but also makes sharing with other family members a relatively simple process.

We use Family Historian at My History to produce all our charts for customers as we consider it to be the best charting program available.

When you purchase Family Historian from My History we offer email and telephone support for the first year of ownership. We are sorry but we cannot support customeres who have bought the full program or upgrade as a download or from alternative suppliers. The box includes licence key, disc and a short starter guide book.

Windows 10 compatible

New Features of Version 6
  • Automatic Internet Data Matching
  • New Map Window
  • New Web Search Window
  • Re-designed Media Window with New Media Link Tool
  • New Automatic Source Citation Pane
  • Extended Family Timeline Facts
  • Support for Witnesses
  • Easier, Faster Data Entry
  • Drag-and-Drop Everywhere
  • and much more...

The program has an optional link to 'My Heritage' and 'Find my Past' websites for data matching.

See the list of New Features

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Compatible
Not Compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS, Android tablets or iPads.

Price:36.85 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Customer Reviews


  Very easy to use and change   Great software easy to use even for someone with little experience. Add or change things with no problems   (01/02/2018) Graham - UK

  Very Impressed  On advice of my history transferred data seamlessly from Family Tree maker 2012.This is an excellent program with so many more clear features than FTM. Bought the book too and it's proved useful   (27/11/2017) Gavin - London

  Revisiting Family Tree after 12 years inactivity  I didn't like idea of not owning the program, or of not having data secure only on my computer or storage system. Family historian keeps my data as secure as my system. Transfer seemed seamless and so far no real issues updating my data. I tried trial and did some work on it before purchasing.   (20/11/2017) P H Morgan - Ontario, Canada

  Fully Recommend  The best programme we have used. Very user friendly not over complicated yet looks so professional.You do get good support with this programme too. The staff at My History are very heloful & patient and will talk you through anything you don't understand. Fully Recommend you will be delighted   (05/10/2017) M Waugh - Staffordshire

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