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Tyro A4 and A3 Pockets

Tyro Value Pack of 100 A4 Document Pockets

Tyro Value Pack of 100 A4 Document Pockets


This slightly thinner version of our ultra-clear polypropylene (acid-free) pocket is just as safe for archiving. the only real difference is the material thickness.

Use for simple A4 printouts but not recommended for very important documents or photograph storage. Supplied as a safe alternative to the PVC pockets bought on the high street that may harm your papers even in the short term.

Have a look at our Tyro A4 Text Binders which are perfect for these pockets

Price:13.85 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Lovely plastic pockets  These pockets are great for storing our family archives.  (28/09/2017) Sarah - Bedfordshire

    I have had them before and they are superb  (20/09/2017) Mrs L M Middleton -

    These document pockets are perfect for my needs. I use them for copy certificates and the like. Perfect!  (20/09/2017) Jenifer Prosser -

    Good quality at an affordable price.  (20/09/2017) Mr S Trigg -

    I am happy with the product , which fulfills my requirement but only time will tell how well it works.  (20/09/2017) Mrs J Holder -

Ultra Clear A4 Pockets

Ultra Clear A4 Pockets


A superb high quality A4 polypropylene (acid-free) archive safe pocket, excellent for storage of all types of document such as old photographs and documents through to modern A4 printouts and newspaper cuttings.

If you have photographs mounted on boards that are thicker than normal documents then you may like to check out the Deluxe Parkinson range which has slightly wider pockets.

This Tyro Ultra Clear pocket will fit the following binders:

A4 Archive Photo Album - View Details
A4 Jumbo De-luxe Photo Album - View Details
A3 Deluxe Landscape Binder - View Details
Photograph A4 Square Hold-All - View Details
Family History A3 Hold-All - View Details
Tyro A4 Text Binder - View Details
Tyro A3 Polypropylene Landscape Binder - View Details
Tyro A3 Polypropylene Portrait Binder - View Details

Pack of 25 Pockets    6.65
Pack of 50 Pockets    12.50
Pack of 100 Pockets    22.75

Customer Reviews

  Great Pockets  Being ultra clear these pockets are great for displaying my old family photographs.  (22/09/2017) - Bolton

    Exactly what I was looking for  (10/09/2017) Karen Matthews -

    Very pleased, thank you..  (27/08/2017) Judith Hoskins -

    Size, number and quality are what I wanted so first class.  (06/08/2017) S. Soffa -

    The goods are excellent, but the review system could do with improving. I have bought card, clear pockets and postcard holders. To write a meaningful comment on each is really pushing it!  (02/08/2017) Paul C wren -

Tyro A3 Landscape Pocket - Value Packs

Tyro A3 Landscape Pocket - Value Packs


A landscape A3 pocket that opens along the top edge. Whilst this is not of the same quality as the A3P10 pockets below, it is at least made from archive safe (acid-free) polypropylene allowing you to be rest assured that you have at least given your documents the best chance they have for survival in the future.
Available in packs of 25 or 100.

Pack of 25 pockets   8.95
Pack of 100 pockets   29.95

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Tyro A3 Portrait Pocket - Value Packs

Tyro A3 Portrait Pocket - Value Packs

Ref: TYA3P

These are made from polypropylene (Acid-free) and are safe for long term archival storage. They will take a tabloid newspaper page or an Alan Godfrey map folded in half or a host of other oversize documents such as wills, plans, deeds and may more. Use our white card to give them rigidity in the folder.
Available in packs of 25 or 100.

Pack of 25 pockets   8.95
Pack of 100 pockets   29.95

Customer Reviews

    Great pockets for the the larger school photos and very good quality.  (26/10/2016) Mr J Thomas -

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