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Tyro A5 Pockets

A5 Polypockets

A5 Polypockets

Ref: A5P

A safe long term storage environment for smaller photographs and other paper memorabilia. Ideal for displaying A5 size photos in the portrait orientation. Fits all our Binders and Family History Hold-Alls. Made from inert (acid-free) polypropylene that will not harm the contents, 110 microns.
Available in packs of 10, 25 or 100.

These are the same archive sleeves as used by libraries, archives and museums.

Not only are these pocket/pages made from inert (acid-free), polypropylene but they are much thicker than the typical PVC pockets purchased on the high street. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has plasticisers to make it flexible and this is damaging, PVC storage pockets will damage photo's, paper etc..and must be avoided.

Pack of 10 Pockets   1.90
Pack of 25 Pockets   3.80
Pack of 100 Pockets   11.95

Customer Reviews

    good value. East way to store things  (10/09/2017) Brian Gilpin -

    The documents feel safe for a life time.  (02/09/2017) Mrs J E Catlow -

    These are very useful for old and new photos and for documents. Great quality!  (24/06/2017) Anne Dean -

    Quick and efficient service  (14/05/2017) Mary Omand -

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