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Best Sellers

Family Tree Working Chart

Family Tree Working Chart

This working chart has been long in the making. We have spent considerable time getting this idea just right for customers who wish to write up their family tree by hand.

It will be especially useful where there is a desire to show siblings and their descendants on the chart as there are no predetermined family structures thus allowing you to add any number of siblings to a family. Works best for 'descendant' or 'all-relatives' charts.

The chart is printed with very feint lines and boxes that are un-noticed when the chart is filled in and completed with pencil or ink pen. Customers who are visually impaired should be advised that they may find this chart too difficult to read.

There are 22 boxes per metre on each row of the chart. When considering the length of chart required you will need to think about the numbers of children in each generation that you wish to record. We also advise leaving at least one box space between families to make the chart easier to follow. Each box is 38 x 30mm.

Comes supplied with mini sticky notes and instructions to help you plan your chart. Contains space for 10 or 14 generations.

Sizes available 24" x 1 metre, 24" x 3 metre 24" x 5 metres and now 24" x 10 metres. (these have ten generations)

Also 33" x 1 metre, 33" x 3 metre, 33" x 5 metres and 33" x 10 metres (these have fourteen generations) Instructions

Ordering longer lengths and cutting to the length required will save you money.

We recommend our acid-free pens for writing on these charts

One cardboard tube is supplied with every order, if you require extra tubes or other storage / display options order here

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Family History Springback Binder

Family History Springback Binder

The perfect way to print and present your family history in book form. Our springback book binders printed with 'Family History' on both the front cover and spine allow you comfortably bind up to 150 A4 pages (200 pages maximum) (90gsm comfortably) by just folding the cover back on itself, inserting the pages and when the cover is closed the edges of the pages are gripped tightly. You may remove and re-insert the pages as many times as you like thus allowing your publication to grow over time. There are no holes to punch and the quality and feel of the finished work is more like a book than any ring binder. These binders help you make the perfect gift when presenting a printed family history to other members of your family. If you wish to print your pages before purchasing the binder don't forget to allow a 32mm (1 1/4") margin down the edge of the paper.

  • Smart grained outer finish
  • Cover made from heavy duty board with inner acid-free lining
  • Available in Red, Black, Green or Blue
  • Front cover and spine printed with the words Family History in gold lettering
  • Holds up to 200 (maximum) A4 90gsm pages (up to 25mm thick in total)
  • Acid-free inner leaves

  • Don't forget to order acid-free paper to go with your binder

    You may order these binders along with other springback binders in order to get the discount.

    Any 2 binders get 5% Discount

    Any 4 binders get 7.5% Discount

    Any 10 binders get 10% Discount

    Discount applies to A4 paper packs as well.

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    Photo Album Page - 4 Pocket

    Photo Album Page - 4 Pocket

    Inert (acid-free) clear polypropylene page with 4 pockets. This is one of our most popular pocket configuration as it will hold one of the most common sizes of photograph that we all have from the 20th century. They will also hold postcards.

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    Family Tree Maker 2017 on DVD - Full Version

    Family Tree Maker 2017 on DVD - Full Version

    NOW IN STOCK September 2017

    This version of Family Tree Maker will allow synchronisation of the tree on your computer with the online trees or vice versa using the new processes designed by Ancestry and Software MacKiev specifically for this 2017 version. Older versions (FTM 2014 and earlier) that relied on an out dated system will no longer sync with Ancestry.
    Software MacKiev, the new publishers of the software have worked very hard since taking over the program in early 2016 to make sure the program works seamlessly and is capable of installing on either the Windows or Mac operating system.

    Need more information prior to purchase?
    If you have questions about the software you may click on the following link that will open a new browser page and take you to the Software MacKiev website (remember to come back to the My History website when you are ready to order.

    What support to expect with this software.
    At My History we will support you in making sure the program installs but for help with using the program there is a huge database of frequently asked questions at:
    We are sorry but we are unable to answer email or telephone requests for program support at My History after installation of the program.
    Click here to submit all enquiries

    System Requirements
    The disc will install the FTM program on either the Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10 or Mac operating system. Click on the tabs for more details.

    {New features of FTM 2017}
    Software MacKiev introduces FamilySync
    Last year, Ancestry announced that Software MacKiev had acquired Family Tree Maker and that together they would ensure a smooth transition for users. From the beginning, the common goal was to maintain the capability to sync Family Tree Maker trees with online Ancestry Member Trees and Software MacKiev are pleased to announce that they have done just that. Over the past year, the two organisations worked together to co-develop a new syncing technology which Software MacKiev engineers have incorporated into Family Tree Maker 2017. The new technology, which Software MacKiev calls FamilySync, will replace Ancestry's TreeSync®.

    Elegant simple colour coding which allows you to make powerful discoveries by allowing up to four colours on a single person in your tree. You can start by colouring all four lines of your entire tree with a single click on a choice of four colour groups for Ancestors. The first colour group is the classic set made famous by Mary Hill.
    And then perhaps add a colour for a particular attribute -- such as all those who served in the military - by creating a list in the Index and applying a colour to it. Oh yeah, and then SAVING that list. Testers reported being stunned to discover relationships they couldn't have guessed in their huge trees. Or finding ancestors with similar names were not from the same family after all.
    What will you discover?

    Colour code
    Go find your most faded old photos. The first tool in the FTM 2017 Photo Darkroom series is the Faded Photo Repair Tool. It does just one thing as its name implies, but does it extraordinarily well. It takes faded old black and white photos and makes them look like the day they were first printed. All with just a few clicks of three repair tools of differing intensity.
    If you're the kind that like to tinker around a bit drop down the Advanced Settings to sharpen up your photos with a few final adjustments using the sliders. The photo below went from "Before" to "After" with four clicks of the Intensive Repair tool, one click of the Light Repair one and a drag of the sharpness slider. And yes, it really is as easy as that.

    Colour code
    Sync Weather Report
    Wouldn't it be great if you could know when there was a problem with syncing so you could just stay away for a time and come back when it was safe? That was the simple idea behind the Sync Weather Report built into FTM 2017. Now each time you go to sync, if there's a reason you should maybe think twice, a window pops up to say so.
    There are three status possibilities:
    RED : The red window appears if the sync system is down, or if syncing is for some reason downright dangerous. This status is actually a kind of "kill switch" and syncing is temporarily disabled.
    ORANGE The orange window (below) appears when caution is in order. You can still sync but the Weather Report message system lets us tell you what's up. Whether it's a promotion or problem.
    GREEN This is a happy state: No known issues and clear syncing ahead. Actually, the green window only appears if there's a future sync storm coming your way, like a planned maintenance outage.
    The Sync Weather Report is part of FamilySync, and should keep you confidently syncing along, knowing you have a built in weatherman to tell you what the weather's like where you sync.
    Colour code
    {System Requirements - Windows}
    Windows System requirements
    Minimum Requirements:
    Operating System Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) / Windows 8 / Windows 10
    Processor 1 GHz
    Hard Disk 675 MB for installation
    Memory 1 GB
    CD-ROM Drive DVD Drive (required for installation)
    Monitor 1024 x 768 resolution

    Recommended Requirements:
    Operating System Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) / Windows 8 / Windows 10
    Processor 1.5 GHz
    Hard Disk 700 MB for installation
    Memory 2 GB of RAM
    CD-ROM Drive DVD Drive (required for installation)
    Monitor 1024 x 768 resolution

    IMPORTANT: All online features require Internet access. User is responsible for Internet Service Provider (ISP) account, all Internet access fees, and phone charges.
    {System Requirements - MAC}
    System requirements for Family Tree Maker for Mac 3?

    The system requirements for installing and using Family Tree Maker for Mac are listed below. Keep in mind that the more family information you enter, the greater the amount of free hard disk space and available RAM you will need. If you plan to include many images or videos in your trees, you will need a substantial amount of hard disk space.

    If your system does not meet the minimum requirements, the software may not function correctly. You will need to upgrade your system to meet these requirements if you want to use Family Tree Maker for Mac.
    Recommended System Requirements
    Operating System Mac OS X 10.8 and later
    Processor Intel-based Mac
    Hard Disk Space 500MB for installation
    Memory 1GB RAM
    Display 1024x768 resolution monitor
    Disc Drive 32X CD/CD-R (Some products require a DVD-ROM drive.)

    Minimum Requirements
    Operating System Mac OS X 10.8 and later
    Processor Intel-based Mac
    Hard Disk Space 500MB RAM
    Memory 512MB of RAM
    Display 800x600 resolution monitor
    Disk Drive 2X CD-ROM (required for installation)

    Note: All online features require Internet access. User is responsible for Internet Service Provider (ISP) account, all Internet access fees, and phone charges.


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    New Products

    Comic Book and Magazine Archive Storage Pocket

    Comic Book and Magazine Archive Storage Pocket

    For A4 Documents, Magazines and Comic Books

    Perfect for storing multiple A4 sheets in a single pocket or A4 size items that are thicker than normal. These are unpunched so perfect when you dont want to use a ring binder.

    110 micron glass clear acid free polypropylene made for archiving.
    Open top with thumb cut on one side.
    Archival/copy safe.
    Pocket dimensions - height 310 x width 235mm

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    10" Deep Archive Box & Lid (brown)


    Fed up with storing your precious possessions in flimsy shoe boxes?

    Archive loose photographs, CDs, DVDs and other memorabilia safely in our sturdy 10 inch deep archival photo box. We have been asked on many occasions for a strong box that can simply hold all those family photos that have built up in our families since the 1950s when many of us got our first cameras. The box has a snug fitting half depth lid that will not fall off in normal use.

      Just like the other archive boxes in the My History range these boxes are:
    • Made from double sided Kraft Lined acid-free/pH neutral board.
    • Double thickness on the ends making them ideal for stacking.
    • Stitched with brass wire that won't rust.

    Dimensions: length 9.75" x depth 6.25" x width 6.25" (250 x 160 x 160mm)

    We are also offering optional polypropylene dividers to help with categorising the contents of the box and an optional label holder and card for the outside of the box.

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    Archive Display Medal Box - Polyprop

    Archive Display Medal Box - Polyprop

    This acid-free box is specially made for the storage of medals or other shallow artefacts. The box is a clamshell design with two side tabs for interlocking into the main body of the box to keep it closed.

    The display box is made from polypropylene which is perfect for archive storage. Dimensions 200 x 130 x 2.5 cm.
    This box is supplied with our archive-safe polyester wadding insert to stop heavy objects moving around or in the case of medals to help keep the ribbons flat.

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    Adjustable 4 Hole Punch

    Adjustable 4 Hole Punch

    Adjustable hole punching to suit various four hole ring binders.

    Metal construction for strength and durability
    12 Sheet capacity of 70gsm paper
    4 Adjustable position hole punches

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    Family Tree Value Pack

    Family Tree Value Pack

    A super value pack for anyone who wants to record their family history.

    Pack Contains:

    1) Quick Start Guide - How to Research and Record Your Family History booklet

    2) A4 Height Working Chart - perfect for chart that includes more than just ancestors, compile a descendant chart, an ancestors with siblings or if you feeling adventurous try an everyone chart. Also includes some mini sticky notes to help you you plan out the chart. Size: 11.7 x 36 inches

    3) A five Generation Ancestors Chart - a colourful chart to fill in. Size: 16.5 x 13.1 inches (A3)

    4) A 15 page version of our popular Family tree book pages which includes:

    • 1 x Title page & contents page
    • 5 x Family Record page / continuation page
    • 4 x Individual Record page / continuation page
    • 2 x Census Records page (double sided)
    • 3 x Source Record page (double sided)
    • 1 x Index page (double sided)
    • 1 x A3 Fold-out Pedigree Chart (left-hand)
    • 1 x A3 Fold-out Pedigree Chart (right-hand)

    Perfect companion for our Spring Back Binders

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