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Family History A3 Hold-All - Empty

Family History A3 Hold-All - Empty


The Family History Hold-All is an innovative way to store your family history research. Carry your documents,
trees and loose paperwork around safely without worrying about loosing anything. This briefcase style
case is not only a good way to display your family history but is also excellent for all that work in
progress paperwork that always seems to mount up. The Family History Archive Hold-All has a carry handle and 4 ring binder
mechanism that will hold at least 50 pockets with card inserts of any size from A5 up to A3. It is made from acid-free
polypropylene and is strong enough for all uses.

  • Made from Acid Free polypropylene
  • Lighweight and sturdy
  • Lays flat when open
  • 4 Ring Mechanism
  • Holds 50-80 pockets
  • Plastic Carry handle
  • Colours: Red, Black and Dark Blue
  • Size: 20 x 12.5 x 2 inches (510x320x54mm)
  • Other uses: Will hold a deluxe certificate binder

Don't waste your research. Make a promise to fill one of these Hold-Alls with printouts of your research and pass it on to one of your descendants today.

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Price:25.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Great product  I purchased this to keep the items I'm working on in an easy to access yet protected from our new kitten! This is excellent as I also scrapbook my family history and the box takes 12x12 with ease.   (16/11/2018) Sue - London

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