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Harnessing the Facebook Generation

Harnessing the Facebook Generation

Ref: UTP0263

Despite its title, this book is not about how to set up a Facebook page, how to Tweet, or how to create a website. Instead, it is about ensuring a future for our research. It is about why we should be concerned about doing this and how we can go about making sure that our family’s history is not only preserved but enhanced when we are no longer able to be its custodian. It is also about presenting our hobby in a way that is attractive to all age groups. This is a book for grown-ups who want to inspire their descendants and other young people, with a love of history and heritage. It is a thought-provoking look at how we can encourage the next generation of family historians and why we might want to do so. Suggestions cover activities, outings, toys, games, books and ways of exploiting the internet in order to motivate and enthuse young people, even toddlers.Unlike many researchers, Janet Few was a young family historian herself once, drawing up her first family tree at the age of seven. She is passionate about passing on her love of family and local history to young people. Having spent part of her working life as a history teacher, in a setting where all technology was banned, she had to devise inventive ways of making lessons lively, interactive and appealing. As an historical interpreter and manager of Swords and Spindles https://swordsandspindles.wordpress.com, Janet now works to promote a love of history in hormonal teenagers, sharing with them aspects of life in the seventeenth century. Janet has run family and local history sessions for school children and is dedicated to encouraging young people to engage with their history and heritage.

Author: Janet Few

Pages: 48

was 6.75

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