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Photo 'V' Mount - Pack of 6 strips

Photo 'V' Mount - Pack of 6 strips

Ref: VM6

A secure and safe way to mount photographs without the need to apply glue or tape. Short lengths (about 1 inch) of this almost invisible strip can be applied to two edges of the photograph or document and then after removing the adhesive strip on the reverse the photo may be stuck down where required.

The photo or document may be removed just by sliding it out of the fixings. The mount is made from inert, conservation quality, glass-clear polyester with an acrylic adhesive so you may rest assured that your important photos have the best chance possible for survival into the 22nd century!

Pack contains 6 x 200mm strips

Price:4.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

    Very useful if a little fiddly to use. They do mean that photos are held in place but there is no adhesive put on the photo either back or front. They are what I wanted but they do seem costly for the amount received so will need to choose how I use them carefully.  (08/07/2017) J A Fitzpatrick -

    Very useful but expensive, as it doesn't go far when mounting photographs  (12/11/2016) Mrs L Bamford -

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