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Sample Pack of 25 Archive Photo Pockets

Sample Pack of 25 Archive Photo Pockets

Ref: PPSP2

Why not try out a sample pack of 25 of our most popular photo pocket pages before purchasing your pages in bulk.
Pack contains the following:-

5 x PPC1
5 x PPC2
5 x PPC4
2 x PPC3
2 x PPC6
2 x PPC8
2 x PPC9
2 x PPC12

Price:11.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

10/10  Just what I was looking for  This product was exactly was I was looking for, as I lots of different sized photographs. I can now display them all together. Plus with the sample pack you can work out which separate pages you need to order in future.  (15/02/2021) Gordon - Stirling

10/10  A really useful 'starting off' point for my photos  I'm really impressed with the assortment of this package ! I've begun to do sorting of photos and adding captions to them. So in due course, when I need to take the final step, I'll know precisely what my requirements will be.  (14/02/2021) Nola - Somerset

10/10    wonderful to have all those small old photos stored in the correct size pockets   (23/10/2019) Barry - Lincoln

10/10  Brilliant starter  This pack has helped me to get my head round what I am going to need for the regular and irregular items in my collection. I am almost ready to order more of specific sizes to work through my family collection.   (20/07/2018) -

10/10  Excellent purchase . . . .  This well thought out package enables the buyer to store, collate and catalogue all those old photographs of different sized formats from years gone by in a safe, secure way. From this package, you can gauge exactly what your needs will be and order correct size pockets at a later date. Perfect!   (10/06/2018) Roger Polden - Bethnal Green, East London

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