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Solving Riddles in 19th Century Photo Albums

Solving Riddles in 19th Century Photo Albums

Ref: UTP0241

Many people mistakenly think that the photography process has been around for a very long time. This is of course untrue and indeed the pictures in your heirloom photo album are unlikely to predate the 1860s.
Photographs came in many forms in the nineteenth century and this book assists the reader to identify each type, as this is an essential dating indicator. The booklet then addresses in great detail the other characteristics of photographs with examples to assist the reader in dating the item - the mount itself, the material printed on the back of the photograph, the composition of the photograph including the pose of people depicted and the clothes being worn by the people depicted.
This booklet also addresses the issues related to preserving your photographs for the enjoyment of future generations.
Now updated and retitled, this book was previously issued with the title "Identifying and Dating 19th Century Family Photographs".

Conservation and preservation of family photos
Archival albums
The history of photography
Photo analysis and checklist
Dating the photograph
5 steps in dating a photograph
Calotypes and daguerreotypes
Tintypes 1853-1940
Albumen prints
Dress for special functions
Stereoscopoc photographs
Roll-film prints and the end of an era

Pages: 44

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