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Chart Writer Pen - Single Black

Chart Writer Pen - Single Black


These acid free archival quality pens are perfect for use on our working charts. They have a narrow (0.5 mm) tip on one end which is just right for writing in the details, on the other end they have a wider (1.2mm) tip which is good for making the lines and boxes.

Price:2.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Family tree chart.  Looks amazing, just what I wanted to organise my family tree. At last I can get rid of all my bits of paper.. Easy to read and sides for mother and father.  (15/03/2018) Pat Head - Coventry

    Just what I needed to label my photos  (15/06/2017) MRS L M DODD -

    I liked the lay out easy to follow and you can work your mother's side first then go and do your fathers side saves getting confused.  (18/04/2017) Mrs Jeffery -

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