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Your Family History Archives: A Brief Introduction

Your Family History Archives: A Brief Introduction

Ref: UTP0001

Your Family History Archives' is a brief introduction to the basics of recording, organising and caring for family archives and what to do to ensure the collection is not lost to future generations of family and other researchers. It is based on a talk that the author presents to genealogy and family history groups.
As a professional historian, archivist, librarian and family historian, the author was aware of the lack of information in this area to assist other family historians to organise and look after their family archives.
A family archive does not eventuate overnight, it slowly grows over the years. The first section of this book encompasses collection, organising and accessing your family records and memorabilia. The second stage is the conservation and preservation process to ensure that they are kept for future generations. The final stage is what happens to the collection in the future.

Part 1 - What are Family History Archives?
- Family History and Archives and Recordkeeping
- Organising the Family Archives
Part 2 - Caring For Your Family Archives
- Storage
- Preservation and Conservation
- Disaster Planning
Part 3 - Future Preservation of Your Family Archives
- Writing, Publishing and Sharing
- Who Inherits the Family Archives?
Appendix 1. List of Archival Suppliers
Appendix 2. List of Conservators
Appendix 3. RMAA Personal Continuity Plan
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Pages: 40


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