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Share your Family Tree with all the family.

Order a digital family tree chart for just £7.50.

We will create a pdf chart with a full line up of individuals similar to your chosen chart type and style below. Perfect for viewing on screen or sharing with family. Don't worry if your chart isn't complete as our system will just leave out any missing data or individuals. The pdf will be read only and can usually be opened on any computer or tablet with any PDF reader program such as Adobe Reader.

A Gedcom file is a universal file format for sharing genealogy files, you can recognize a Gedcom file by its extension .ged. You can download your Gedcom file from many online sites that you are using such as Ancestry, Find my Past, Genes Reunited, The Genealogist, My Heritage etc. Also you can export your gedcom file from any Genealogy Programs like Family Tree Maker, Family Historian, Family Tree Builder, Reunion, Roots Magic & Genbox etc.

Learn how to create a Gedcom file from your family tree...

All you need to do is send an email with your gedcom file by email to charts@my-history.co.uk, along with the persons name that the chart starts from and we will do the rest. See below

Choose below a chart type and a chart style.

Chart Types:

Ancestor Chart


Your chosen person at the bottom, then parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on going up the page, does not contains aunts & uncles etc.
Important information..

Descendant Chart


Your chosen person at the top, then their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc coming down the page. Also includes spouses.
Important information..

Hourglass Chart


Chosen person or couple at the centre, then parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on going up the page, and their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc going down the page.
Important information..

All Relatives Chart

all relatives

Only includes relatives of your chosen person or couple, does not contain relatives of people married into the family. For example someone that marries your brother will show on the chart but their parents and siblings will not.
*More info..

*everyone charts are not available in this offer.

Chart Styles:

Traditional Style


Modern Style


Modern Estate Style


Oak Tree Style


PDF Chart from Your Gedcom file


Choose your chart type and chart style from the options below. This will be a PDF chart supplied digitally for you to share with relatives as many times as you like. If you require a printed version we can do that for you at an extra cost.

Each individual box will display name, birth, marriage and death details provided they are included in your file.

When choosing an hourglass chart, we will count from the root person generations of descendants first, then ancestors, the root person is included as a generation. For example a 10 generation hourglass chart in which the root has 3 generations of descendants will have 6 generations of ancestors displayed.

upload your gedcom file here.

*Remember to tell us the starting person (or couple) and your order number.

Total Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • Please select below   
  • Ancestor chart   
  • Descendant chart   
  • Hourglass chart   
  • Relatives chart   
  • Traditional   
  • Modern   
  • Modern Estate Tree   
  • Oak tree   

Customer Reviews

    For people who want to see their work "in the flesh". I can highly rate this service as I don't use genealogy software, so can't produce a detailed tree. Makes me appreciate the hundreds of hours in the bckground  (15/06/2017) MRS L M DODD -

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