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What is an All-Relatives Chart?

An all-relatives chart shows a single (root) person along with their two parents, siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews and all other blood relatives and their own spouses. All generations you have researched both up and down your tree will be on the chart. These charts are not simple to set out as there always has to be a compromise between showing spouses side by side above their own children or within their parents families alongside their own siblings.

This is a typical All Relatives chart.
Click image to see enlarged version (opens in a new browser window)

An all-relatives chart will show the root person and all their relations as above. However this is not to be confused with an 'everyone' chart, explained below.

An all-relatives chart does not include: The relatives of the root persons spouse. The relatives of other people who have married into the family. Other people who are in your tree but not related to the root person.

Note: Everyone ChartsThe all-relatives chart is sometimes expected to show everyone in a tree. If you wish to have a chart that shows everyone then you will need to contact us on for a bespoke quote that depends not only on the number of people in your gedcom file but also the complexity of the tree. We don't really recommend an everyone chart for files over 1000 people as families with a greater number than this are likely to be too complicated to be easily understood.

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