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What is an Ancestor Chart?

An ancestor chart just shows a single (root) person shown in the white box on the chart below along with their two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents etc. In otherwords just the people who make up your pedigree and the same people whos DNA you have inherited. This is sometimes confused with a pedigree chart that actually contains the same people but it is laid out with the root person at the left of the page and parents, grandparents etc appearing in columns to the right

This is a typical Ancestors chart.
Click image to see enlarged version (opens in a new browser window)

A 5 generation ancestor chart will show the root person and ancestors up to their 2 x great-grandparents. You may order a chart for as many generations that you have researched. The chart will only show the people in your tree that you have entered.

An ancestor chart does not include: The children of the root person. The siblings of the root person. The siblings of the ancestors of the root person.

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