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A4 Acid-free Paper White

A4 Acid-free Paper White

Ref: AQP

Give your documents an even better chance of survival beyond 200 years by using this archival quality paper that goes one better than ordinary acid-free paper. Our acid-free paper conforms to a set of standards such as pH level, alkaline reserve (calcium carbonate equivalent), tear resistance and resistance to oxidation. It is the alkaline reserve that helps the paper resist contamination from external sources over the years. This paper is sometimes also refered to as alkaline-buffered paper or permanent paper.

Available in:
90 gsm and 100 gsm weights in packs of 25, 100 or 500

Pack Quantity and Weight
25 Sheets 90 gsm   1.75  
100 Sheets 90 gsm   5.95  
500 Sheets 90 gsm   16.95  
25 Sheets 100 gsm   2.50  
100 sheets 100 gsm   6.95  
500 sheets 100 gsm   18.95  

Customer Reviews

  excellent service  I have purchased several items off this firm recently and all are excellent . Very good and quick delivery and delivered easily according to instructioins left if I was out.   (05/05/2018) cherry - bath

  Very good quality   Excellent quality paper at a very good price. Fast delivery and very well packaged. Cant fault this company, I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from them.   (09/03/2018) Linda - York

  Excellent product  Exactly what I wanted. Very good quality paper at a reasonable price.   (08/03/2018) -

  Excellent quality  An old favourite of mine, this A4 paper is great value as well as good quality.   (08/03/2018) Barry - Worcestershire

    Great product, always use for my family history files.   (07/03/2018) Penny Alexander - Northants

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