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A4 Archival Quality Matt Finish Double Sided Photographic Paper

A4 Archival Quality Matt Finish Double Sided Photographic Paper


You may print your photographs out on this paper knowing that you are giving them the best chance of survival for the next one hundred* or more years. By printing on this paper you are ensuring that they will definitely be available without relying on upgrading digital media files every decade or worrying about keeping website subscriptions up to date.
This is not only photographic paper of archival standard but is also the paper of choice for many professional photagraphers and should not be confused with cheaper photographic papers available in some high street stores and retailers.

Size: A4
Finish: Matt
Paper weight: 230 gsm
Archival standard

*All this does however require you to use the best inks available for your printer. Don't expect to use cheap alternative ink supplies and get long lasting results. The original manufacturer inks are considered to be the best quality.

# ISO 9706 means the paper must conform to a particular set of standards such as pH level, alkaline reserve (calcium carbonate equivalent), tear resistance and resistance to oxidation. It is the alkaline reserve that helps the paper resist contamination from external sources over the years.

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