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Acid Free Pilot Ink Pens - Set of 4 Colours

Acid Free Pilot Ink Pens - Set of 4 Colours

Ref: G2-SET4

As a result of the popularity of the Black Acid-Free pen we are pleased to be able to offer a pack of 4 pens in Red, Blue, Green and Black. Write different information in different colours or use different colours for Males and Females etc. All pens have the same specifiaction as the pen above.

Price:9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

    These pens write nicely even on the back of photos.  (07/03/2018) Penny Alexander - Northants

  Smooth writing  These pens write beautifully smoothly. The ink colours are attractive. I am pleased to find they are safe to use on the back of old photos.   (05/10/2017) C.S. - Hampshire

    Not used them yet so cannot comment  (26/08/2017) MRS RITA M WILKES -

    I like these pens and I find they are excellent for writing. They do not make a mess and the good thing is that you are able to grip better when writing.  (25/08/2017) Rosemarie Francis -

    I can use the different colours for different family members on different branches of the tree.  (09/08/2017) Miss E Forster -

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