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Bacon's Large Scale Plan of Cardiff &c, ca 1928

Bacon's Large Scale Plan of Cardiff &c, ca 1928

Ref: GLA1928MAP

The original paper copy of this map was printed at a scale of 5 inches to the mile. It bears no date so has been dated from its content. Parade Railway Station (closed 1928) is shown but the Welsh National War Memorial (unveiled in 1928) is not shown. The National Museum of Wales is shown (although this was not opened until 1927 building had started in 1912). Cardiff Royal Infirmary (which became known by that name in 1923) is shown just as Infirmary but railway names indicate that it is after the 1923 grouping.
The area covered is from Cardiff Cemetery in the north to Morristown in the south and Ely in the west to Splott Park in the east.

The map is scanned onto the CD, at 200 DPI resolution, as 4 overlapping tiles. In addition, there is a seven page Street Index.

Includes Penarth & Llandaff.

Price:5.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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