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Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of London & Suburbs, 1930

Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of London & Suburbs, 1930

Ref: LDN1930MAP

(Supplied on a CD) The copy of the Atlas used for scanning date is partially disbound. There is some edge damage to a few pages but none which affects the text/mapping. The Atlas opens with general details comprising:
Lists of Consulates in London & Principal Shipping Companies;
Brief description of London;
Maps of London Clubs, Electric Railways and London Theatres;
Floor Plans of St Paul's Cathedral & Westminster Abbey;
Plan of The Tower of London and Map of Metropolitan Borough boundaries.
This is followed by the main atlas of 80 pages of maps, 74 of which cover, in detail, an area from Edgware in the north west to Woodford Bridge in the north east and from Kingston in the south west to Sidcup in the south east. The original scale of the detailed maps was 3.25 inches to the mile. Scanning has enlarged the scale.

The Atlas is completed by a 134 page Index of Streets in the Sectional Maps.

Some of the scanned pages appear not to be straight.
This is a feature of the original book rather than the scanning process.

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Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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