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Bartholomew's Plan of Glasgow District, ca 1923

Bartholomew's Plan of Glasgow District, ca 1923

Ref: LKS1923MAP

(Supplied on a CD) The original paper copy of this map was printed at a scale of 2.5 inches to the mile, the plan being divided into half mile squares.
Coverage is from just north of Dalmuir in the north west to Laverockhall in the north east and from just west of Barrhead in the south west to Bothwell in the south east.

The original map carries no date so dating has been estimated from its contents. Cardonald Cemetery (opened in 1922) is shown but the railways show the names of the companies as they were prior to the 1923 amalgamation. The Shields Road, Pollockshields and Shields railway stations are shown separately - they were combined in 1925.

Unforntunatly this item is discontinued as a download: Please click here to get the download from our other website.

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