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Brown’s New Plan of Hull Circa 1913

Browns New Plan of Hull Circa 1913

Ref: ERY1913MAP

(Supplied on a CD) The map is dated as circa 1913 as the cover of the original bears an inscription "from Laura 13/4/13" and the map shows the King George V dock (opened in 1914) as being under construction. It covers the area from West Bulls in the north west and St Andrews Dock extension in the south west to Sutton in the north east and King George V dock in the south east. In addition to the map the CD contains a complete street index as included in the original publication. A purchaser of this CD with local knowledge of Hull sent us the following comments on the date of the map:
I reckon it is more like 1910, or possibly 1911 at the latest, for the following reasons: (1) It shows the 'H & BR' landing stage (otherwise known as the River Pier or Alexandra Dock Pier) as under construction - this pier, authorised by a 1907 Act, opened in 1911; (2) It shows the original Wilmington and Sculcoates railway stations, with no trace of the new Wilmington station (about midway between the two, near the rail junction adjacent to the 'Public footpath' legend) which opened in 1912, the two previous stations permanently closing at the same time - in fact this may well be the last published street map to show the two original stations extant and in use. King George Dock was under construction from 1906 to 1914. The map would still have been on sale as current in 1913 when 'Laura' bought it - Browns issued updated editions only every few years.
This does not in any way devalue the interest or value of your map reproductions - far from it. Please note the map is digital on a disc.

Price:4.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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