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Brown’s New Plan of Hull Circa 1930

Browns New Plan of Hull Circa 1930

Ref: ERY1930MAP

(Supplied on a CD) The map is undated but is thought to be circa 1930 as it shows the Ferens Art Gallery (opened in 1927) and also Queens Dock (closed in 1930) rather than Queens Gardens (opened in 1935). The original map contained an Introduction/Street Index of 11 pages (Index on pages 3 to 11). Pages 1 & 2 and 9 & 10 were missing when we acquired the map. The CD contains the remaining parts of the Street Index. The original map has some staining and some damage in the areas of the folds. The scanning process actually makes the map clearer than the paper copy but the price has been reduced to reflect the fact of the damage. A purchaser of this CD with local knowledge of Hull sent us the following comments on the date of the map:
I reckon this to be earlier, probably 1927 or at latest 1928: (1) It shows no trace of Ferensway, opened 1930-31, nor of the new (and current) North Bridge (constructed 1928 - 31) and its associated road approaches running directly from Charlotte Street to Witham; (2) I have a later edition of Brown's map which can be dated pretty precisely to 1930 or possibly early 1931 - it shows (1) the northern half of Ferensway open (but still unnamed) but Brook Street (whose southern part, widened, became part of Ferensway in 1931) still fully intact; (2) Queen's dock filled in and the original layout design of walkways etc across it in dotted outline. NB although Queen's Dock is commonly stated to have closed in 1930, I remember reading in an official 'Port of Hull' booklet in the early 1960s that it was closed in 1928 'after 150 years service'. Your map shows no hint of the dock being closed, and although Browns were not (anymore than any other map maker, including the Ordnance Survey) 100% thorough in updating (eg both your map and my early 1930s one show Cannon Street station labelled as a passenger station, whereas it had closed permanently to passengers in 1924, remaining thereafter only as a goods depot) I think what you have here is possibly the last street map published before Queens Dock closed for business.
This does not in any way devalue the interest or value of your map reproductions - far from it. Please note the map is digital on a disc.

Price:3.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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