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Cardboard tube complete with plastic end caps

Cardboard tube complete with plastic end caps


Cardboard tube with end caps for storing charts. We reserve the right to despatch chart orders in either a single tube or box so if you wish to ensure your order receives a tube please add the correct size tube to your orde.

13" perfect for BC56 and all other A3 charts.

18" perfect for BC5G, 8GENFAN, STCHA5, STCHA6 and any 17" printed charts.

25" perfect for CHPK1, 10GENDC, WORKCRT, TC8G, TC7G and any 24" printed charts.

35" perfect for 14 generation working chart.

37" perfect for printed 36" charts

43" perfect for printed 42" charts

Please select the length of tube to suit the chart you have ordered.

Total Price:0.65 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Tree chart tubes  Perfect for storage of the printed trees Also suitable for posting to family in Ireland where they arrived safely and unmarked After all the hard work getting the tree details and then printing them it would be foolish not to store them safely  (16/02/2021) Sylvia - Langan

  Good  Good value product   (25/02/2019) -

  Great way to store a chart    (12/04/2018) Oliver Keegan - Meath Ireland

    I sent one chart in a tube by post to my sister. It arrived safely.  (09/09/2017) Judy Clifford -

    Ideal storage for the charts.  (09/08/2017) Miss E Forster -

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