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Birch Vale 1896

Detailed map of Birch Vale; Derbyshire sheet 5.15.Historical introduction by Derek Brumhead & Roger ...


Ref: DBY05.15

Derby (North) 1899

Detailed map of Derby (N); Derbyshire sheet 50.09. Historical introduction by John Gough. From Victo...


Ref: DBY50.09

Hayfield 1919

Detailed map of Hayfield; Derbyshire sheet 5.16. Historical introduction by Derek Brumhead.


Ref: DBY05.16

lronville 1898

Detailed map of Ironville; Derbyshire sheet 40.08. Historical introduction by John Gough. Covers Iro...


Ref: DBY40.08

New Mills (Low Leighton) 1896

Detailed map of Low Leighton; Derbyshire sheet 8.03. Historical introduction by Derek Brumhead & Ron...


Ref: DBY08.03

New Mills (Newtown) 1896

Derbyshire Sheet 8.02 New Mills (Newtown) 1896 - published 1996; intro by Derek Brumhead & Roger Bry...


Ref: DBY08.02

New Mills (North) 1896

Detailed map of New Mills (N); Derbyshire sheet 5.14. Historical introduction by Derek Brumhead & Ro...


Ref: DBY05.14

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