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Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker is one of the leading programs that not only stores everything you find out about your family but it will also help you with your research by looking up records on Ancestry.co.uk

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New Features for Family Tree Maker 2019

FTM 2019 DVD case

Turn Back Time

This one might just be worth the whole upgrade. FTM 2019 keeps track of every one of your last THOUSAND changes. Made a mistake three days ago but your last full backup is three weeks old? Simply roll back to just before the mistake was made with a single click. Then use the comprehensive Changes Log to restore the moves you meant to make. Problem solved.

FamilySearch Integration 2.0

Lots of news here starting with the ability to download an entire branch from a FamilySearch tree into FTM 2019. But the big news is historical record hints which you'll get when you match a person in your Family Tree Maker tree to a person in a FamilySearch family tree. Simple as that.
Hints in the Index

Hints shown on the people index in FTM 2019

Once found only on tree views, in FTM 2019, those little green Ancestry leaves and FamilySearch hints now appear in the people index too. So you can check for hints for a particular family name or for any saved list.

Smart Filters

In FTM 2017 we introduced the ability to save filtered lists. Now those lists just got smarter. The filter that created the list actively gathers any new people who meet that filter's criteria as soon as they are added to your tree. For example, if your filtered list is for military service, when you add two more service men or women to your tree, they'll be added automatically to that list.

Folder counters

Folder counters in FTM 2019

Stop peeking into folders to see if there's anything in there. Numbers on your folder tabs now show the number of items stored in each one. Simple idea. Big time-saver.

Profile Picture perfection

Profile picture-cropping tool in FTM 2019

Clean up the look of your tree with our new profile picture-cropping tool. Smart technology detects the person's face and zooms in just the right amount, then crops a perfect square so that it fits perfectly on each leaf of your tree. And best of all, the original photo is not touched.

Tree Browser

Get what you're looking for quickly with this new window into your tree files. Search a family name and find all related trees wherever they are - on Ancestry, on your hard drive, or up in the clouds. And for each tree you'll have everything you need to know or do at your fingertips. Does that FTM tree have a linked Ancestry tree, and if so, under what name? No links to an Ancestry tree? Click Download in the browser to get it all synched up.

Rich Color Coding

One of the most frequent requests from genealogists using FTM 2017's color coding, was for "rich" color coding - not just coding the home person's ancestors but each ancestor's descendants as well. With FTM 2019, rich color coding is just one click away.

TreeVault Cloud Services

TreeVault-Services in FTM 2019

With TreeVault you'll be able to view your FTM tree on your smartphone or tablet. You'll know what the weather was like the day your grandfather was born. And you'll sleep better knowing that you have an up to date copy of your tree securely tucked away, and that someday it will be passed on to the next generation. We will be adding new services with each update, but here's the starting lineup:

  • Emergency Tree™ restore service. TreeVault keeps a continuously updated copy of your tree ready to hand back to you if your hard drive should crash or some other catastrophe strikes.
  • FTM Connect™ is a FREE mobile app (for iPad, iPhone and coming soon for Android) that displays your latest FTM tree anywhere, any time - even when your computer is off. Handy for sharing your tree with relatives or for using your iPad as a second monitor with your continuously updated tree.
  • Historical Weather™ allows you to set the scene for events in your family story with more than a billion historical weather records. Dates will never be boring again. Consider: Referring to the weather in FTM 2019
  • Next of Kin™ allows you to designate a successor to your TreeVault account to pass along your family tree and research records. You will get a certificate that may be included with a will, providing instructions and passcodes for taking over your account along with your Family Tree Maker license.