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Mixed Pocket Pack

Mixed Pocket Pack

Ref: MPPA3

We often get asked for a sample pack of our most popular pockets. Here is a set for anyone buying an A3 landscape folder or A3 Hold-all.

Pack contents:
4 x Certificate
4 x A4 Portrait Pocket (PPC1)
4 x Landscape Pocket
4 x A3 Landscape Pocket
4 x A5 Pocket

All these pockets are available separately in various packs below.

click to view the A3 Hold-alls..

click to view the A3 Archive folders..

click to view the Tyro A3 Landscape binders..

Price:9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

10/10  Good quality   Useful pack to begin with   (02/09/2019) Liz - Cumbrua

10/10  Mixed pack useful to determine your needs  I found this pack useful to work out the sizes of pockets I need to order in future to archive my various documents   (28/01/2019) AndrewL - London

10/10    Good mix of sizes; pleased with purchase  (17/07/2017) Mrs S Weston -

10/10    Good mix of sizes, very useful  (07/04/2017) Elizabeth Taylor -

10/10    A good selection of 'pages' but maybe single page folders are less useful in a trial pack.  (18/03/2017) P A Hayward -

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