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Street Maps of Manchester & Salford Circa 1916 & 1936

Street Maps of Manchester & Salford Circa 1916 & 1936

Ref: LAN1916MAP

(Supplied on a CD) Both these maps were originally published by John Bartholomew & Co of Edinburgh (though the earlier one was sold under the W. H. Smith & Sons name).
The maps cover the area from Pendleton in the west to Bradford in the east and from Broughton & Cheetham in the north to Moss Side & Rusholme in the south and are divided into squares of half a mile from the Town Hall.
They were scanned to the CD at 200 dpi as a series of overlapping tiles to ensure complete coverage.
There is some minor blurring at the edges of some scans but the tiling ensures that all areas are covered without blurring.
The age of earlier map was reasonably easy to ascertain as the cover bears the original retailer's stamp containing a date of "21 Dec 1917".
The later map was dated with reference to buildings shown. The Town Hall extension (started in 1934 and opened in 1938) is shown but so also is the old Salford Workhouse (demolished to make way for the Langworthy Flats which also opened in 1938).
The 13 page street index for the ca 1916 map has survived and is included on the CD (see the foot of this page).
The street index for the 1936 map was missing when we obtained it. That map also exhibits some damage at the folds with minor loss of detail.

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Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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