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The War to End War: Tracing Your Great War Australian Military Ancestors

The War to End War: Tracing Your Great War Australian Military Ancestors

Ref: UTP0524

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the amount of official and individual attention given to Australian military history. There are many reasons for this: the electronic media; more easily accessible records, and the commemoration of World War One have all played their part. The thirst for a greater knowledge of Australia's military history and especially those involved is nowhere more marked than among the nation's genealogists.
This concise, yet comprehensive guide is made to help the family historian embark on the search for Australian military ancestors in World War I, as well as giving you a simple overview of Australia's military history.
After spending over 20 years in the military, Lieutenant Colonel Neil Smith now focuses his time on military history. In this guide book he provides handy outlines of the progress of the war with emphasis placed on the part played by Australia. Armed with this essential knowledge the reader is then shown where to look and how to interpret all available personal war-like records. For those seeking out their Australian military ancestors in World War I, there is no better place to start.

Getting started
Time line
An inevitable war
The battle lines are drawn
The other fronts
The sea war
War in the clouds
The mincing machine
The final offensives
Australia's Digger army
Outline structure for an Australian Army 1915
Finding your Digger
The essential dossier
A matelot in the family
War records
Under friendly flags
Where to look on the Web
Glossary of terms

Pages: 68

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