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Til Death Us Do Part: Causes of Death 1300-1948

Til Death Us Do Part: Causes of Death 1300-1948

Ref: UTP0261

The diseases and accidents of our ancestors are an integral part of our family history, and one thing that all but our most recent ancestors have in common, is that they are dead.

This booklet examines a wide variety of possible causes of death for our ancestors, describing their symptoms and prognoses. It also suggests records that may be used to provide information about how an ancestor died.

You'll find a timeline is included which outlines some major British epidemics. In the absence of a definite cause of death for a particular individual, we can at least gain an impression of the major killers of their time.

We owe it to our ancestors to pay tribute not just to their lives, but also to their deaths.

Epidemics and infections
Work related diseases
The effects of urbanisation
The effects of poverty
Suicide, murder and accident
Why did things change?
Finding causes of death
Further reading
Some British epidemics

Pages: 28


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