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Where to Record It: In Family Historian 6

Where to Record It: In Family Historian 6

Ref: WRFH6

by William Clegg

Revised for version 6, relevant for versions 4 onwards.

Specially written for My History this is a quick guide to entering information into Family Historian about your family from Birth, Marriage and Death certificates including how to record them as sources.
    Learn how to:
  • Transfer information from a certificate into Family Historian.
  • Link images of certificates to sources.
  • Set up sources and repositories.

A5 booklet, 24 pages.


Customer Reviews

    Have been using it for 3 weeks any have not had any problems. The help files have been very usefull  (13/06/2017) Kevin Bridge -

    Useful to new genealogists.  (11/04/2017) Ian Thistlewood -

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