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Working chart A4 Folded

Working chart A4 Folded


Perfect for Springback Binders.This working chart has been long in the making. We have spent considerable time getting this idea just right for customers who wish to write up their family tree by hand. This version has been requested by customers wanting to put a working chart into an A4 springback binder.

It will be especially useful where there is a desire to show siblings and their descendants on the chart as there are no predetermined family structures thus allowing you to add any number of siblings to a family. Works best for 'descendant' or 'all-relatives' charts.

The chart is printed with feint lines and boxes that are un-noticed when the chart is filled in and completed with pencil or ink pen.

There are 20 boxes per row on the chart. We advise leaving at least one box space between families to make the chart easier to follow. Each box is 38 x 25mm. The entire chart when fully expanded measures 11.7" x 36".

Comes supplied with mini sticky notes and instructions to help you plan your chart. Contains space for 8 generations.

Contains 2 copies in each pack.

Price:3.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Useful charts- easy to use  I haven't used all the charts yet but they will be very useful and easy to use when sorting out my family trees.  (04/03/2021) Barbara Lennon - Warwickshire

  Great Product  Have found this product far easier to use than software when mapping out each generation of our family tree. Would recommend  (03/03/2021) -

  Useful Product   A simple idea but really flexible to use as your family tree grows.   (31/03/2020) -

    Excellent chart! Work still in progress but easy to use. I had to join 2 sheets together but still worked well.   (25/02/2020) -

  A4 folding chart  Not used it yet but will make my research so much easer to see   (24/02/2020) -

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