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York Maps 1920s

York Maps 1920s

Ref: YKS1920MAP

(Supplied on a CD) The main map of York contained on the CD was originally published as Bartholomew's Town Plan of York at a scale of 11 inches to the mile. It is undated but is thought to be about 1925 as the main rail line is referred to as the L&NER (formed as part of the grouping in 1923) and the Central Library (opened in Museum Street on 23 September 1927) is not shown. The Street Index which accompanied the original map is reproduced on the CD. The map covers the area from Clifton Holme in the north west & Driffield Terrace in the south west to Heworth Grange in the north east & Garrow Hill in the south east. The smaller map (which covers the area from Clifton Lane in the north west & East Mount in the south west to the Gas Works in the north east & the Cattle Market in the south east) plus the plan of York Minster and the notes on it and the city are taken from Muirhead's Blue Guide to England, 1920 edition. Please note the map is digital on a disc.

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