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A4 Acid-free Paper (ISO 9706)

A4 Acid-free Paper (ISO 9706)

Ref: AQP

Give your documents an even better chance of survival beyond 200 years by using this archival quality paper that goes one better than ordinary acid-free paper. It is manufactured to ISO 9706. This means it must conform to a particular set of standards such as pH level, alkaline reserve (calcium carbonate equivalent), tear resistance and resistance to oxidation. It is the alkaline reserve that helps the paper resist contamination from external sources over the years. This paper is sometimes also refered to as alkaline-buffered paper.

Available in:
90 gsm and 100 gsm weights in packs of 25, 100 or 500

Pack Quantity and Weight
25 Sheets 90 gsm 1.75100 Sheets 90 gsm 5.95500 Sheets 90 gsm 16.9525 Sheets 100 gsm 2.50100 sheets 100 gsm 6.95500 sheets 100 gsm 19.95

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