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A4 Standard Landscape Certificate Folder- Empty

A4 Standard Landscape Certificate Folder- Empty


This folder is perfect for storing copies of certificates from the GRO (General Registry Office) . This A4 landscape binder looks and feels good. It will hold up to 50 pockets allowing archival storage of 100 certificates if inserted back to back in the pockets. You will need to order polypockets to go inside and additional white card may also be purchased for insertion in the pockets to both stiffen them and to act as backing to the certificates. Dividers also fit in this binder.

4 Ring Mechanism
Lays flat when open
There is a small pocket for a name card on the spine of the folder.
Dimensions 14 x 9 ins (360 x 230mm) approx.

Available in: Burgundy Red, Green, Dark Blue or Black

Price: (9 or fewer items)9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Price: (10 to 19 items)8.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Price: (20 or more items)8.45 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Customer Reviews

    Photos safely stored now.  (20/09/2017) Miss L Smith -

    Great value. Will probably buy again.  (02/09/2017) P Purkiss -

    wrote more than enough on the previous question only thing to asdd is items of good quality  (26/08/2017) P Houghton -

    I like the quality and I know the certificate will last a long time. Also I can manage 50 into the album which is excellent.  (25/08/2017) Rosemarie Francis -

    Good quality and stronger than any I was able to buy in the shops. Perfect to keep treasured items and certificates.  (24/08/2017) Mrs.V M Clements -

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