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Export of Ancestry Files and Family Tree Maker Files for Import into Family Historian

Export of Ancestry Files and Family Tree Maker Files for Import into Family Historian


Are you fed up with having to pay for your account on Ancestry to keep the images attached to your tree? Are you worried about data privacy? Our download service allows you to take control of your family tree along with all the attached images and data on your own windows computer or simply let us print an attractive compact paper copy of your tree to share with family.

For just £10 we can download your family tree from Ancestry.com or Ancestry.co.uk together with any attached photographs and source images for you to use anyway you like (we would of course need your Ancestry login username and password in order to do this).

Our recommendations are:

i) Allow us to convert your Ancestry tree data into a Family Historian project so that you may carry on working on your tree but with the benefits of keeping your work absolutely private on your own Windows computer. This option is included in the £10 price. However you will need to buy the Family Historian program from us if you decide on this option. Click here for more information.

ii) Alternatively, we can take your data file and put it through our bespoke chart design process to produce a complete chart of all your family, or smaller charts of just ancestors or descendants or a combination of both. Just click the link below to place an additional deposit* of £30 for the bespoke service and printing #. Click here to order our bespoke service.

* Your deposit will cover our initial import/design cost (see below) and any charges for extra instructions you give us. We charge just £7.50 to import your file and often we are able to design your chart without any extra charges. However, if you require us to make changes to your family tree data such as changing spelling or dates, adding extra people or rearranging a chart layout then we will need to charge extra for the time required to make those changes. Our design charges start at just £7.50 per quarter hour.

# The balance left over from your deposit after allowing for importing and any design charges will go towards the cost of printing your finished chart on paper. Printing prices start at just £15.95. The final cost of printing will of course very much depend on the width and length of the paper roll required to accommodate all the people in the final tree. The type of paper or canvas you choose us to print on will also affect the price. Many of the charts we print cost less than £40.

NOTE: If you would prefer to just to receive your data as a gedcom file and a folder of images we will be happy to do this.

The above charges are for each tree/file download. If you have split your tree into several sections then the charge will be forr each tree/file.

Don't forget to add your username for Ancestry in the box below. To maintain security please email support@my-history.co.uk with your order reference and your Ancestry password (please do not include your username).

Price:12.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

  Excellent service  Thought I might have lost all my work when FTM stopped working, but no - My History quickly extracted a GEDCOM and I loaded it into Family Historian with no trouble. Excellent and quick service.  (20/02/2019) Keith Montague - Hitchin

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