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Self-adhesive Acid-Free Labels 16 x 48mm (Pack of 2 A4 sheets)

Self-adhesive Acid-Free Labels 16 x 48mm (Pack of 2 A4 sheets)


Use this label for any long term applications where longevity is important. Rest assured that this label is far superior to the usual labels available elsewhere. They have been designed to meet the most stringent standards required by conservation organisations.

Supplied in a pack of two A4 sheets with 72 labels per sheet.

Made from 100% cotton fibre.
Buffered with calcium carbonate.
Very stable acrylic based adhesive.
Good adhesion to most surfaces.
Use with any type of computer printer.
Use with our acid-free pens.
Colour: Natural White (slightly cream)
Size: 16 x 48mm

Price:2.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Customer Reviews

    Just what I need. The labels are great, the pen comes in very handy and the phoo box and pages will be very useful in helping me decide how many of which photo pages I need next. I don't need a catalogue because I look at their stock on lone and they send me emails with that week's offer  (19/02/2017) Mrs June Blakelock -

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